Invest in San Vicente Now

Unearned Increment is an increase in the value of land or any property without expenditure of any kind on the part of the proprietor, an excellent target for land banking.

Investors in Boracay are expanding in Palawan. The price difference of San Vicente’s property [US$70/sm] is 7% of Boracay [US$1,000/sm] and 50% of Bohol [US$133/sm].

An International airport will be completed in 2011, which is just 15mins away. Accommodating big aircrafts that will bring sustainable tourism, which is the local government’s #1 priority.

Palawan is entitled to a 40-percent share of all the revenues from the Malampaya gas project pursuant to the provisions of Section 7, Article 10 of the 1987 Philippine Constitution. And this right is in accordance with the provisions of Republic Act 7160. This is worth P90 billion of future infrastructure projects for Palawan alone.