The Undeniable Logic in Investing in Palawan

  • The Longest stretch of white sand beach in Southeast Asia 14-km continuous stretch of powder-white sand beach in San Vicente.
  • The Condé Nast Traveler rates Palawan’s beaches as the best overall in Asia in 2007.
  • Perfect alternative to the more crowded and commercialized beach destinations in the country.
  • St. Paul National Subterranean Park (the longest underground river in the world). It is an 8.2 kilometer Underground River that winds through a spectacular cave before emptying into the South China Sea.

Rare Flora and Fauna

  • Rare Flora & fauna, and exotic animals can be seen.
  • Scenic route which travels north over Palawan’s beautiful mountains and beside its fantastic coastline.

Breathtaking Beautiful Reefs and Sea Life

  • Clear waters that have visibility of more than 30 feet down to the breathtaking beautiful reefs and sea life.
  • The Malampaya Sound is the home of the Irrawaddy Dolphins, a rare and protected species of oceanic dolphins.

Natural Resources

  • Palawan is believed to be sitting on top of what could be the largest oil and natural gas deposits in the world. Its natural gas reserves are 2.5 trillion cubic meters, capable of providing 3,000 megawatts of clean energy for the Luzon grid over a 20-year period.