ChilLine Attitude Corporation is a lifestyle and development company with a vision of creating exclusive and accessibly luxurious communities. Our goal is to establish sustainable developments in the most beautiful and breathtaking locations in the country; with like-minded partners.

We traveled the Philippines, looking for spectacular beach front properties that will someday be developed in a sustainable manner, without overburdening the land and local resources. We always stumble into one. The pristine municipality of San Vicente, Palawan is just that kind of place.

So if you are looking for a fantastic beachfront property, with the potential for development in only a few years time, then investing now in Puerto Princesa and San Vicente in Palawan is the smartest thing you can do. And if you partner with us, you will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is to do so.


  • Tagaytay – “T” and “THE EDGE”
  • Laoag – “DESERT BEACH”



The ChilLine logo is derived from the Alibata symbol of “chill.” The color of the wave was extracted from an actual picture of the waters on the beach. ChilLine’s logo signifies its thankfulness for the beautiful properties we have which we consider as a blessing to find. Hence, the logo signifies the company’s commitment to share its blessings with like-minded people who love and appreciate exclusivity & profitability.